Brew Methods - AeroPress


Step 1: Grind your coffee to medium-fine.

Step 2: Heat your water to boiling, or if you have a temperature-controlled kettle, set it to 185 deg.

Step 3: Pull plunger to separate entirely from chamber.

Step 4: Put filter (paper or metal) in filter cap.

Step 5: Twist filter cap into chamber.

Step 6: Stand chamber on sturdy mug and add 1 heaping scoop (15g) off coffee. Shake gently to level.

Step 7: Add water up to (4) on chamber
*Note: a small amount of drip through the filter is normal. If there is excessive drip, use a smaller grind.

Step 8: Stir 10 seconds (gently). Insert plunger about half an inch into chamber. Let sit 30 seconds. 

Step 9: Apply gentle constant pressure (not too hard), its normal to feel some resistance. However too much resistance means your coffee grind is probably too fine. 

Step 10: Remove the filter cap, then push the plunger through until you hear the pop and the coffee grounds pop out. 

Step 11: Drink!