Brew Methods - French Press

French Press -

1. Remove the lid.

2. Using the French press ratio aid lines, fill coarse grounds to the coffee line (60 grams).

3. Fill 195°F-205°F water to the water line (840 grams).

4. Use the agitation stick and Stir for 30 seconds making sure to reach the bottom and sides of Clara to break up any clumps. Agitation disperses the coffee grounds for even extraction and balanced flavors.

5. Set the enhanced mesh filter just above the water level and put the lid back on. Press down slightly (around 1 cm) to make sure the blooming coffee is submerged.

6. Wait four minutes.

7. Plunge!

8. Pour straight into your favorite mug. If you don’t want to drink it all at once, Clara’s heat-lock double-wall vacuum will keep your French press coffee warm.

9. When you’re done, rinse Clara with warm, soapy water and watch the grounds slide right out thanks to the non-stick coating.

The Tips

As a starting point, we recommend a 1:14 coffee-to-water ratio—that’s where Clara’s ratio lines are set—but dialing in your preferred cup takes practice and experimentation. For lighter roasted coffee, we recommend 1:12 while dark roast flavor notes shine at 1:15.