Brew Methods - Pour Over

Pour Over 

The Kalita Wave dripper (our house pour over method). The flat bottom provides a uniform extraction of the coffee and a delicate, aromatic cup.

To get the most out of your freshly roasted coffee, you should have a good burr grinder, a scale, a timer and clean, filtered water heated to 92-95C.

1. Weight out 16 g of coffee for a single cup of 250 ml water / 32 g for 500 ml of water.

2. Grind the coffee on a medium-coarse setting. 

3. Place the filter paper in the dripper and rinse it with water. Pour the coffee inside the filter paper and place it on top of a cup or server on a scale and tare.

4. Start a timer and pour 30/60 g water so that all the coffee is soaked and let it sit for 30 seconds to ”bloom”.

5. After 30 seconds, pour the remaining water slowly and steadily. Pour in a circular motion from the center outwards and back to the center again. Repeat the movement so the water flows evenly and uniformly over the coffee.

6. The brew should reach 250/500 g water by about 1:45 minutes. The same pour times applies for both portions. The total brewing time will depend on your grind setting and the bean.