Your Brand. Our Coffee.

Here at Single Speed™ we've been roasting coffee for almost 20 years! While we enjoy and are committed to serving our own customers here in Flagstaff, Arizona - 6 years ago something changed.
This is what changed, instead of only letting customers in the front door we decided to let them explore our product through the back door. From hand-picking raw beans to dialing in roast temps we were fully exposed. Before we knew it we were roasting coffee for 10+ independent brands and had an audience that now expanded into 5 States. This process of expansion and white-labeling our Single Speed™ coffee to other brands has reinforced exactly why we've committed so much to this craft. Beyond making great coffee, we now get to assist and empower the vision of others. Seeing our entire community succeed has redefined what it means for us to show up to the shop week in and week out.

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